What Admission Process is Required for Greensboro North Carolina School of Nursing

The Greensboro North Carolina School of Nursing is a private school of nursing. It provides both undergraduate and graduate programs for its students.

The Greensboro North Carolina School of Nursing has an open admissions policy, which means that anyone can apply for admission to the school as long as he or she meets the minimum requirements set by the institution.

Complete and submit a Program Admission Application and pay the nonrefundable application fee.

To apply, you must first complete and submit a Program Admission Application. The application fee is $50 and must be paid online.

This fee is not refundable or transferable between programs or schools, even if you do not enroll in the program after submitting your application or if you are denied admission to the program.

The payment of this nonrefundable fee should not be taken as an indication of acceptance into the nursing program at GCNHSN (Greensboro College of Health Sciences).

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Take and pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS).

The TEAS is a computer-based test that assesses your readiness to succeed as a nursing student. It covers four subjects: reading comprehension, science, math, and English.

You have 90 minutes to complete the math portion of the test; 60 minutes for reading comprehension and English; and 80 minutes for science.

A passing score is 185 out of 300 points possible on each part of the test (reading comprehension/English=100% correct answers), with a cumulative total score of at least 70%.

To take this exam you must provide your birth date, Social Security number (SSN), proof of citizenship or legal residence status if you are not a US citizen—a driver’s license or passport with a photo is acceptable—and two forms of ID such as an official state ID card or passport

Submit official transcripts for all coursework completed at other institutions.

An official transcript is a certified copy of your academic record. It includes a list of all the credits you have earned and a grade point average, if applicable.

You can get an official transcript from your previous school(s). Your new school will likely require one or more copies as part of their admissions process, along with other documents like letters of recommendation and standardized test scores.

If you need to order an official transcript for Greensboro North Carolina School of Nursing but don’t know how to do it yourself, many services offer this service online through their websites or over the phone.

These companies usually charge a fee for their services and some even offer same-day delivery for an extra charge (which may vary depending on where you live).

Attend an information session before the application deadline.

The information session provides you the opportunity to learn about the Greensboro North Carolina School of Nursing, the application process, financial aid, and what it is like to be a part of our GNCSON community.

The sessions are held on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm. To register for an upcoming session please click here. The cost is $25 per person unless you are a current student in which case it is free!

Complete scheduled interviews with faculty.

Complete scheduled interviews with faculty.

Interviews are conducted by faculty from the Greensboro North Carolina School of Nursing and will be scheduled once you have been accepted to the program. Interviews usually last 30-45 minutes and are conducted in person.

You will need to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

You will need to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). The TEAS is a standardized test used to assess applicants for entry-level nursing programs, and consists of four subtests: Reading Comprehension, Math, Science, and Writing Skills.

You must study hard and prepare yourself as best you can before taking this test because it plays an important role in determining whether or not you get accepted into a nursing program.


The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standardized test that must be passed to be considered for admission. You will also need to have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university. The nursing school will also review your application for completeness, including transcripts and test scores.