Survival Fund Application & How to Apply Free Government Funds –

Survival Fund Application & How to Apply Free Government Funds -
Survival Fund Application & How to Apply Free Government Funds -

Survival Fund Application & How to Apply Free Government Funds –

To me, this funds is still available and ongoing, so if you are yet to apply then feel free to do so right now before it will close.

On this note, i will walk you down here on How to Apply Free Government Funds. You will get to know about Survival Fund Application.

Finally, you will apply on for your free funds.

Over N2.3 trillion stimulus package are being rolled out by the Federal government to help businesses stand firm in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic challenges.

Businesses across the country have been provided an adequate buffer against potential vulnerabilities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Payroll Support has paid 311,000 employees nationwide.

The federal government of Nigeria has taken a commendable and laudable step to safeguard the economy from further woes. We are talking about the Government N75Bn MSME Survival Fund for Self Employed, Transporters, Artisans in Nigeria.

Do you want to get loan to help pay staff salaries and meet up some day to day transaction? Here is a guide that is well explained on how to obtain the grant, requirements and more information.

Survival Fund Portal – Register & Login

the Government N75Bn MSME Survival Fund is a dedicated fund sets aside to help businesses mitigate the adverse effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. The grant will be launch in two phases in two phases such as :

the MSME Survival Fund with the Payroll support track as the first scheme to rollout (60 Billion Naira) and the Guaranteed Offtake Scheme (15 Billion Naira) to help cushion the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

The government sees this funds as a tool to crush and stop the worrisome effect of the Covind-19 pandemic, help boosting the economy and also save existing jobs and If possible help thriving businesses to expand.

Survival Fund Portal Available Programmes

(i) MSMEs Survival Fund programmes:

  1. PAYROLL SUPPORT: 500,000 thousand MSMEs will benefit from this grant. They stand a chance of getting a financial support of 30-50 per the number of their employees for 3 months.
  2. FORMALISATION SUPPORT : if your business is not registered yet, this program comes with a promise that will see over 250,000 business being registered.
  3. ARTISAN/TRANSPORT SUPPORT – most businesses has been grounded,artisans and transport business operators are not left out, to this end they will receive 333000 /30,000 as operational grant
  4. GENERAL GRANT – 100,000 businesses are going to receive life, as funds are readily available for them to inject into their businesses.

Duration: due to the urgency to save businesses from imminent collapse, the federal government will quickly release this fund In the space of 3 month

Target Beneficiaries

Target Beneficiaries: the grant will be available for the following Nigerians that fell under the following categories : employees of MSMEs and Self-employed individuals.

1) Employees of MSMEs:
Here are the requirements that employers of Labour are to meet

  • Your business must be operating in any of the 36 states of Nigeria
  • Business should be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC
  • Business should be 100% owned by a Nigerian
  • To fight against fraud, get a BVN number
  • Must have a staff strength of no less than 3 persons

Self-employed Individuals in the following categories.

This category falls under those in the Service providers such as in the transportation sector. i.e. Bus drivers, Taxi drivers, Ride share drivers,(Uber, BoltTaxnfy etc) and Mechanics.
Artisans, Electricians Plumbers etc.

Note: there are categories of businesses on the list of the federal government , those businesses on the first category like education will easily get access to the funds, other categories that followed next are businesses in the hospitality industry.

How to apply – survival fund portal

For a seamless registration process
Here is a link to start applying for your loan right away.

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How do I check my survival fund status?

To check your status is quite straightforward and simple m

  • All you have to do is to log to the survival fund registration page and click on login at the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Input your login details. That is the phone number and password you used during registration.
  • Scroll down to the section of the screen where you see if your account is verified or captured. If verified it means you have been approved.

How do I register or apply for Survivalfund Ng?

How do I apply for a Survival Fund grant?here is the simple steps :

  • The first thing is to log to
  • If you don’t have a profile, you have to create one.
  • Fill your personal information, email address etc.
  • Fill the survival fund application form and submit.

How much is the survival fund?

The survival funds are meant to preserve the jobs of employees by helping employers of labour with needed funds (30,000 to 50,000 naira per employee) to meet their monthly obligation

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What is the survival fund all about?

Survival funds is a scheme brought by the Federal Government of Nigeria to help small and medium enterprises that has been badly hit by COVID-19 Pandemic to meet their monthly financial Obligation.
The aim is to safeguard lose of jobs resulting from the shock of Covid-19 pandemic


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