Prepare for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, then you’ve probably already started looking for resources on how to get there.

One of the most important steps is preparing for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam. But what if I told you that preparation isn’t as straightforward as studying?

It’s true! There are many aspects of this process that take time and dedication, but they’ll make your future as a CNA so much brighter!

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Eligibility Criteria for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

To become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you must meet certain eligibility criteria. If you do not have the following requirements, then you cannot take the CNA exam:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a high school graduate or hold a GED
  • You must have a current CPR card
  • You must have a current TB test
  • You must have a current health certificate

It’s always best to check with your state to see if there are any additional requirements for taking the CNA exam in their area.

For example, some states require that CNAs complete 40 hours of training within six months after completing their certification; other states require CNAs to pass an annual review of their skills and knowledge before being allowed to renew their license each year.

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The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam is a two-part exam.

The exam is a two-part test. Part 1 is a written test that you take at the testing center (a computerized or paper version). The questions are multiple-choice and cover topics like safety, infection control, and communication skills. After finishing Part 1, you will be given instructions on how to schedule your practical exam.

Part 2 of the CNA exam is your practical examination. You will participate in hands-on tests such as bathing patients, dressing wounds, and administering medication via injection or inhalation therapy devices such as nebulizers or respirators.

For some portions of this portion of the test, you may need to demonstrate your ability to perform tasks safely under direct supervision from someone else who already holds their Certified Nurse Assistant license for at least two years (such as an RN).

Be ready for anything!

Make sure you are ready for anything. You’ll need to be prepared for the test and a job as a nursing assistant. You will also need to be prepared for your patients and their families.

As a nursing assistant, you will be responsible for helping patients with daily tasks such as bathing or changing clothes. You may also assist with feeding patients who cannot feed themselves due to illness or injury.

You will work in different settings depending on where you choose to work: hospitals, long-term care facilities (eldercare), home health care agencies, rehabilitation centers, or hospices

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Prepare, don’t cram!

It is important to remember that you cannot cram for this exam. You should know the material and be comfortable with it before taking the test, so do not try to cram at the last minute.

If you feel like you need some extra help, try studying with a friend or family member who has already taken the test and knows what to expect.

However, make sure that they are not studying with you! If they are helping you study for more than two weeks before taking the exam, they will have time to memorize all of their materials and may inadvertently teach them directly back into your head as well!

This could lead to an undesired outcome during the testing day when their memory of these details is fresh in their mind while yours has grown weak from lack of use over time spent away from academic pursuits during those same two weeks leading up until now…

You need a minimum of 100 hours of training to be eligible for the exam.

You must provide proof of your training. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • You can take the training yourself, either with an employer or on your own (for example, you could use a popular online video training site).
  • Your employer can provide it for you.

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Employers want to make sure you’re as qualified as possible.

Employers want to make sure you’re as qualified as possible. This is because they don’t want to hire you and then have you leave after a few weeks. After all, you’re not qualified.

If they hire someone who isn’t qualified, they’ll have to spend thousands of dollars training them on how to do the job.

That’s why employers want to hire people who’ve already taken the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam and passed it with flying colors!

If an employer hires someone who hasn’t taken that exam yet, that person will need more training than other employees who already know how everything works around there (because they took the test).

They also don’t want their employees quitting before they’ve completed their training period either – but this happens all too often when employers hire people without having first ensured full knowledge of what being a CNA means (including passing an exam).

If someone doesn’t pass this exam then it could mean trouble for everyone else down there too: social services will probably come in with some sort of intervention team which would lead to another round of interviews…and so on until everything falls apart at its seams so fast no one can keep up anymore;


The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam is a difficult test, but you can prepare for it. We’ve outlined some key steps to getting ready and a few tips that will help you along the way.

If you’re still not sure what kind of questions will be on the exam or how best to study for them, talk with your training provider or contact us at StudyHall.com!

We’ve helped many students pass their certification exams so we would love an opportunity to help you too. Good luck!”

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