Most Profitable Business in Nigeria with low Capital

Business in Nigeria is very good because you will keep making good profits from any business you intend to start. Nigeria is one of the most populated African countries and people find it very easy to transact business with Nigerians.

So in this post, I will be discussing the most profitable business you can start in Nigeria with low capital. Most of the businesses that are done in Nigeria require a high amount of Capital to start.

Making money in Nigeria requires hard work and is business intensive, getting capital to start a business. Then the next thing you will do if you get capital is the type of business you want to start.

Not all business is good to start with your capital, all you need is to check for the business you can venture into with low capital.

Most Profitable Businesses in Nigeria with low Capital

Eggs Supply and Distribution

This is where you have to start with small capital. Since you are buying and distributing to people, you do not require intensive capital for this business.

Bread Supply and Distribution

The supply of bread to people is another lucrative business you can set up in Nigeria. So with low capital, all you need to do is to partner with the bread distributors and start distributing bread to different people.

Sale of Drinks and Water

You can be selling different drinks and table water in areas where there’s no such. Having known the price of goods and services, then you will make lots of sales from it.

Mini Importation

This is about buying goods in places like China for a very cheap amount and then bringing them to Nigeria to sell at a higher price. So most people make huge profits anytime they order products from abroad.

Sale of Mobile Phone Accessories

Do you know that phone accessories is another business you can set up with just a low capital? You can start your own business now