Most Lucrative Business in Nigeria for 2023

Lucrative business in Nigeria requires a high amount of capital to start. So if you must invest in it, then you must get ready to provide capital.

So in today’s write-up, I will talk about how you can get to start Lucrative Business in Nigeria in 2023. Another thing I will not fail to tell you is that most of the lucrative business in Nigeria is very risky because you may not even make any profit from it.

Also whenever i hear people talk about lucrative business, what comes to my mind is that the business they are talking about is very expensive.

Most Lucrative Business in Nigeria for 2023

Let me walk you down to most of the lucrative business that is very good to start in Nigeria in 2023

Mobile Food Vendor and Delivery Service

Do you know that you can now order food online? So getting a mobile food vendor and delivery service won’t look bad as a plan objective of this year.

Online Advertising Firm

If you have a good platform where people can see your product, then its a good way to market people’s products. So online advertising is one of the most lucrative businesses anyone can start. For instance, if you have a Facebook group worth millions of followers, then you can start running an advert offer to people.


When it comes to sending goods and services or even waybills to another part of the states, then exportation comes in.

Data Selling

Selling date is another lucrative business anyone can start. It’s more lucrative because you can make a huge amount of profit from it.

Cleaning Services

Getting tools for cleaning services is one of the most lucrative businesses you can venture into.